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        Ridgeberry Farm is owned and operated by John and Allison Boyington. It  is located on the beautiful, Appleton Ridge in Appleton , Maine.Allison grew up on a blueberry farm on the Ridge. Her childhood Augusts were spent in the surrounding blueberry fields. In her teen years she worked a couple harvests in a processing plant and continued to be involved in harvests into her adult life.

We bought our first field in 1980 and had our first crop in 1981, it was completely handraked by our children. As the years went by we bought and leased more acreage. All of our children, as well as many children and adults from Appleton and surrounding towns helped with harvest.

Today, we manage approximately 200 acres, croping 100 acres each year. To do this we employ migrant workers and use machine harvesters. In 2010 ,we purchased a "fresh pack line" and we were very pleased with how our first year turned out.  We expect to continue for many more. The fresh pack line is a family affair, our daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchilden all help keep the fresh pack line running.

Within the business, John concentrates on the production aspect of farming .Which means keeping up with field work and keeping all the machines and things running properly. Allison does all the books, runs errands, drives trucks and works on the fresh pack line. Ridgeberry Farm is involved with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and use Integrated Pest Management and Best Management Practice on all the land that we manage.
If you are curious in what a blueberry farmer does in the winter time, please check out the links on the left hand side of the page. 
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